The Izlude War was a war led by Senzo against Izlude.It began when Senzo's spy,Shisui,got Izlude's coordinates using Senzo's spy tactic.Eventually,most of the clan participated in the war.


Izlude was making fun of Senzo's friend JouYenYomera.When Senzo got in the fight everything started,then Odin Strife came in and helped out Senzo.Senzo then got his spy,Shisui,to join Izlude's alliance,Rise Of The Beaners,and then Shisui got his coordinates by saying he will use them to transport items to Izlude.Instead Shisui left and went to Senzo,who gave the coordinates to the Mugen Ronin Clan,Those Who Smell Like Sunflowers,Maximus Kane, JouYenYomera,and Odin Strife.This led to a full-out strike against Izlude.The war started in 2011 and Izlude has yet to retaliate.

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