One of Senzo's best friends

Senzo is the leader of the 6th division and a chunin ninja.His most successful mission was getting Izludes coordinates,which he plotted and carried out along with Senzo2 and Shisui.He once had a problem because _MUGEN_ accidentally ma


de him shogun of the Mugen Clan.Unfortunately,Senzo's computer had a virus that would not let him promote _MUGEN_ back._MUGEN_,thinking Senzo did it to make him mad,became a ronin.Soon,_Mori_ followed._MUGEN_ then created the Mugen Ronin Clan.When Senzo deleted the virus after _MUGEN_ became his enemy,Senzo cleared up the misunderstanding.Senzo was then offered the chance to join _MUGEN_'s Ronin Clan.After much thought,Senzo became the third member of the Mugen Clan to choose the ronin path._MUGEN_ and Senzo cleared up their problems and now fight together as allies again.

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